Havurat Ee Shalom

Annual Meeting Sunday October 15th at 3 PM

Annual Meeting: Sunday October 15th, 3:00 pm
at the Havurah Building

Officers will be elected and the fate of the Havurah building, and the state of the Havurah budget, will be discussed. Your input and ideas are crucial. Please participate!
Our by-laws allow only current members to vote. If you want to attend as a voting member, and have not as yet paid dues for the 2017/2018 year, please send a check to:

Havurat Ee Shalom
PO Box 89
Vashon, WA 98070

To learn more about membership or to pay dues online, click  Renew or Become a Member button below. Membership dues are tax deductible.

Fair Share Membership Suggested Dues Schedule

Celebrate Sukkot at Havurah/Zen Center Potluck Oct 8th at Noon

Havurat Ee Shalom &
Zen Center
Sunday October 8th @ 12 noon

at the Havurah Building

Come join our Zen Center partners for a vegetarian potluck lunch on Sunday October 8th at 12 noon.  The festival of Sukkot officially begins Wednesday Oct 5th at sundown.

Our sukkah — a temporary booth or hut for use during the week-long festival of Sukkot —  will be available to decorate and enjoy beginning the afternoon of the 5th, which is the first full day of the holiday. Members are encouraged to visit, decorate and enjoy the sukkah. It’s traditional to take meals in the sukkah, and weather permitting, the hardier among us may also elect to sleep in the sukkah.

Oct 5, Thursday: Sukkah frame with Skach on top. Ready for more decoration.

However you choose to use the sukkah, take pictures and email to: vashonhavurah@gmail.com. We’ll post them on our website and Facebook.

Sukkot runs through Tuesday October 11th. That final day of Sukkot is also known as Hoshanah Rabbah. 

Learn more about the festival of Sukkot here.

High Holidays Recap


Wendy Marcus led beautiful and meaningful services for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur that were attended by both longtime members and many new people. The new machzor (high holiday prayerbook), Mishkan HaNefesh, is inclusive and accessible, with many portals to meanings for this observance of the cyclical nature of our lives and the Jewish calendar and the planet. Tashlich, where we symbolically cast off mistakes and errors of the previous year into a moving body of water and contemplate the year about to start, was especially beautiful at Lisabeula Park.

Tashlich at Lisabeula Park photos




Tashlich Photos: Rosh Hashanah 5778

Havurah Membership

Membership and donations are a vital part of our annual budget and help to ensure Havurat Ee Shalom’s presence on Vashon Island.  Our year begins and ends about September (at Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year).  Havurat Ee Shalom (also called the Vashon Havurah) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and all contributions, including membership dues, are fully tax deductible.

Dues are entirely self-assessed, meaning dues of any amount are welcome, and all financial information is confidential.  Active members give $500 to $1,000 a year.  (No one is denied membership for financial reasons).

You can view suggested “Fair Share” membership dues, which are based on income levels, by clicking the link below:

Fair Share

To become a new member or extend your current membership simply mail your check to:

Havurat Ee Shalom

PO Box 89, Vashon Island, WA 98070.

You can also pay for a new or continuing membership right now on our website. Just click the link below!



1% Rebate at Thriftway

Did you know that the Havurah can earn money every time you shop at Vashon Thriftway? Vashon Island Thriftway gives 1% of it’s sales to non-profits organizations every year. All we have to do is save our receipts!

In past years as many as 30+ families participated.  As much as $500 every four months was added to the Havurah’s budget. All of those dollars went to support programs and activities! Sadly, we are not close to those results at the present time.

We strongly encourage everyone, no matter how small the purchase, to participate in this project!

How to Particpate:
1. Sign your receipt and write your phone number on the back.
2. Receipts can’t be older than a year at time of turning them in.
3. Only Vashon Island Thriftway receipts are eligible.
4. Receipts can be turned in at Emma Amiad’s office in town.

Levi Stahl Bar Mitzvah June 24th 3 pm

Saturday June 24th 3:00 pm at Havurat Ee Shalom
15401 Westside Hwy SW

The HES community is invited to the Bar Mitzvah of Levi Stahl. There will be a brief Kiddush after services.
A potluck celebration follows at Vashon Cohousing.
10421 SW Bank Rd.

(Please Park on Bank Rd.)

The Stahl family extends an invitation to the entire Havurah Community to join in celebrating Levi’s Bar Mitzvah.