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Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the future of the Vashon Havurah. We recently emailed our entire mailing list an invitation to take the survey. If you missed that opportunity, just click the button.

If you missed the update to the Annual Meeting minutes you can read it before taking the survey. You’ll find the update just bellow the survey button. Thanks!

Members and Friends of the Havurah,

As promised at our Annual Meeting in October, the Board is seeking input to help determine the future of the Havurah with respect to our financial situation and the costs of maintaining our 91-year-old building. (The building was built in 1926 and likely was not built to codes in effect at that time.)

The 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes can be read on our website at A lengthy discussion of the role of the building for the island Jewish community and its repair status is included in the minutes.

Since the October 15th Annual Meeting our treasurer, Emma Amiad, has met with an engineer who completed a comprehensive study of our building, and has updated her treasurer’s report. Here are the engineering report results, as summarized by Emma:

“Currently we have $4,000.00 in our reserve/savings account and $2,816.00 in checking. One outstanding loan of $2,500.00 is still owed to a Board member.

“Last month I spent several hours with an engineer going through the building. We prioritized all of the work needed to repair and maintain the building. I will itemize these things in more detail in a future post including estimated costs and a list of those things that we may, as volunteers, be able to do ourselves, and work that requires professionals. Primarily the building needs are:

  • Major outside drainage work to prevent future basement flooding.
  • Repair earthquake damage to stairs and walls.
  • Repair/patch walls in basement including possible waterproofing related to drainage work.
  • Monitoring roof trussess for stress and possible shoring up.
  • Repair improper electrical issues in basement Replace windows.
  • Clean, sand, and prime rotted wood on outside areas and lower windows and paint
  • Remove bird nests and wasp nests as well as old roofing debris from the attic, and cover holes with screening.
  • Monitor water leaks in bathrooms and repair.

“This list does not include the septic system which is on borrowed time and could fail any time. Costs for all this work could be in the tens of thousands of dollars and could easily exceed by three times the cost of our recent chimney repair.”

~~Emma Amiad

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