Puget Sound Zen Center

In May of 2015, the Havurah Board of Directors unanimously approved a space-sharing agreement with The Puget Sound Zen Center.  

ZenVisit the Puget Sound Zen Center’s website to learn more about our new building partner. We look forward to this new and exciting relationship.

Letter from President Louise Olsen to Havurah members about the agreement:

16 May 2015

Dear Havurat Ee Shalom Members,

I’m writing today on behalf of our leadership to share the news that the Board unanimously approved a space-sharing agreement with The Puget Sound Zen Center.

Effective this month, the Zen Center will begin paying rent and using our beautiful space for their organization’s practices.  You may see some changes to our shul, both inside and outside the building:  The Zen Center will have a sign out front (below our sign) and use one of the offices downstairs. Between meditation sessions, they will store their prayer mats upstairs.

We now have a Memorandum of Understanding in place and paramount in the agreement is that the Havurah’s use of the building takes priority.

The Board made this decision after careful consideration of our building use and the fiscal needs of the Havurah. We look forward to welcoming this fellow Vashon community into our lovely space.

In the near future, we anticipate that members of the Zen community will join us in making improvements to our now shared space.  We will be reaching out to our membership for help tackling some of the work that needs to be done in our spring cleaning. It is always amazing what a couple of hours of volunteer work can accomplish.

We are also asking for your help and ideas for a joint potluck picnic/welcoming party.  We will be inviting members of The Puget Sound Zen Center, the nearby neighbors, and our members.

I want to wish all of you only the best and hope you will join us in welcoming the Zen Community to our building.

Louise Olsen, President

P.S. I also want to thank Leslie Garrison for her much welcomed additions and insights to this email; Dan Asher for his many hours of dedication to the project, his background research and negotiating, and his wisdom to see the benefits for all involved in this collaboration; to Bart Arenson for email/technology support; and to all the Board members for their ideas, support and input.

Indeed, our entire Board deserves acknowledgement for bringing this project to fruition and for the countless mitzvot involved in making our Havurah a welcoming place for Vashon’s Jewish community. May you all have a sweet and lovely Shabbat,

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