Donor Appreciation

Contributions to Havurat Ee Shalom help fund our monthly Friday night services led by Wendy Marcus, enable programming for holidays and are essential to maintaining our building and grounds. You help us keep the lights on!
Havurat Ee Shalom Thanks our Friends and Members for Their Recent Support


Chimney Repair Fund
Elizabeth Fitterer on behalf of PSZC

In Loving Memory of Benjamin Rubin
Peter Rubin

In Celebration of the Wedding of Plover Brown & Dyani Melgarejo
Louise Olsen
Bart Arenson & Andrea Avni

In Loving Memory of
Alex Roter

Baruch Roter & Veronica Fernmoss

In Appreciation of
Torah Study Group
Tamara Kittredge

In Appreciation of the Havurah
Amy Greenberg

Wendy Marcus & Shawn Weaver
Andrea Avni & Bart Arenson

Please take a moment now to send your donation to the Havurah. Click here for further information.
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