Annual Meeting Election Results

2018 Annual Meeting Election Results

           In addition to the current Board, 14 Havurah members attended.
New officers were elected by a show of hands:

President: Suzanne Greenberg
Vice President: Meredith Cummings
Treasurer: Leslie Garrison
Secretary: Barry Grosskopf

Several committees were reactivated and will seek more volunteers. Note: Committee chairs serve on the Board and attend monthly Board meetings.

  • Communications/website/newsletter: Peter Rubin, Andy Schwarz and Sherene Zolno
  • Ritual/religious/education: Peter Rubin, Andy Schwarz, Louise Olsen, Barry Grosskopf, Phil Cushman, Suzanne Greenberg, Meredith Cummings, Chaim Rosemarin and Pat Casey
  • Events/social activities: Risa Stahl and Julea Gardener
  • Tikkun Olam/social action: Pam Schubert, Risa Stahl, Suzanne Greenberg and Andrea Avni
  • Oneg/hospitality: Louise Olsen, Julea Gardener and Risa Stahl
  • Buildings & grounds: Pam Schubert, Barry Grosskopf and Meredith Cummings
A transitional meeting with both the previous Board and the incoming Board will be held on October 28th @ 6:30 pm.


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