Passover Seder (Recap) Saturday April 15, 2017

About 50 people attended our Seder led by Wendy Marcus accompanied on guitar by her husband Shawn Weaver.  Were you among those who attended? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Passover Seder at the Havurah Building
Saturday April 15th at 4 pm
15401 Westside Hwy SW

Make plans now to attend the Havurah’s Potluck Seder!

Wendy Marcus will lead this year’s Seder using the Havurah’s own Haggadah. Wendy, (violin) and her husband Sean Weaver (guitar, reed instruments) are sure to add music and song to the telling of the Passover story.

Our Haggadah was created in 2002 by former member Maddy Urken who adapted a Haggadah created by a Washington, DC humanistic congregation.  Over the years bits and pieces were added from other secular, traditional Jewish and feminist sources. A small number of Hebrew blessings and prayers are included (with English transliterations), but the story of Passover is told in English.

At Passover, as we reflect on our ancestors’ history of persecution and flight, we know that millions of refugees are seeking safety and freedom today.  After the exodus from Egypt, the Hebrew people were instructed to “love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”  Throughout the generations, this value has become a central tenet of our people. What can the Havurah do to aid today’s refugees, in the spirit of this tradition?

Past Seders have been well attended and fun. All participants are encouraged to bring a contribution to the festive meal; to participate in the singing and the telling of the story; and to share their own thoughts on Passover’s relevance in the modern world.

Paper plates and plastic silverware will be supplied by the Havurah, but to minimize cleanup, and to reduce the amount of trash our Seder sends to the landfill, the Havurah encourages everyone to bring their own dishes and silverware. Recycling bins and a compost pail for food waste will be provided. Note that we do not have a kitchen or sink to wash dishes.

Bring a generous dish to share!

Join us — it’s fun!
Helpers needed.
Contact Risa Stahl: 206.234.7047 or

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