Purim Recap March 11th, 2017

A small gathering  of about 10 people read the Purim Megillah (scroll) and enjoyed a slivovitz-like drink provided by Sherene Zolno and Rick Skillman.  We feasted on delicious hamantashen lovingly baked by Meredith Cummings and Sherene.

Amy Greenberg and Chris Robison brought a plate of deviled eggs to die for; and before long everyone was banging pots and making noise at the mere mention of Haman.  Thanks to all who helped make it an intimate and fun evening with delicious norsherei:  Pat Casey, Dan & Meredith Cummings, Andrea Avni, Bart Arenson, Chris Robison, Amy Greenberg, Isaac Avni, Sherene Zolno and Rick Skillman.

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